Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day trip to Sarikei - 27 February 2009

Sarikei, is a small town, located at Sarawak, Malaysia (around 4 - 5 hours drive from Kuching). Having a day trip to this place...quite nice. Woke up at 6am...did some preparation...and took a pic of my lovely hamster, Bum Bum.

(...oh...he looked sad...i'm gonna leave him alone for today)
At 7am....go go go...go to Sarikei....yeah...
Had breakfast at 8.30am at Serian......then continue the trip again....
Stopped at Sri Aman for a while...and finally arrived Sarikei at around 12.30pm. Nothing much in Sarikei a very very small town. We (me, sister, brother in law, n chr) just have a look...didnt buy so many things because the things sold there are almost the same as only took some pics, had lunch at the foodcourt (forgot the foodcourt name), bought something for my family.

Sarikei's Logo....The Pineapple

Sarikei's Port/Harbour

Sarikei's Chicken King (no gov. tax)

(Fried Chicken set: RM8.30)

(Ice cream set: RM3.80)

(Big size Watermelon juice: RM5.00)

the watermelon juice's size is really



(it's time to go to Taman Tasik Sarikei)

Taman Tasik Sarikei

(building at the opposite side of Taman Tasik Sarikei)


(it's time to go home)

(Drinking water bought at Sarikei ; RM1.30/btl)

(Mini coffee cup set for Mommy ; RM13.90)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fall For You

Few days ago, one of my friend was sending me a song, Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade. I love this song a lot. Nice song. Thanks for the song, friend. :D

My Lovely Dogs...

It's supper time......milk milk milk

(Pictures taken on Chinese New Year 2009)

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