Friday, May 21, 2010

A New Coffee Cup for Daddy

Doraemon Sharpener from Eldest Sister ^^

Cookies Things that I brought back from KL Trip 20-24 March 2010

(Nail Polish from Etude House @ Sunway Pyramid - RM9.50/bottle)

(Marks & Spencer Shortcake from Marks & Spencer @ Sunway Pyramid - RM10/pack)

(Hair Clip from Chamelon @ Suria KLCC - RM13.90 each)

(Ice Skating Glove from Sunway Pyramid Ice @ Sunway Pyramid)

(Bracelet from Chamelon @ Suria KLCC - RM5.90 each)

Late Post for Valentine's gift 2010 from Chris

(Doraemon Sleep Mask)

(Doraemon Fan)

(Sweet Heart Pillow)

(Valentine's Day Card)

My Birthday 2010 - 4 April 2010

Simple birthday celebration with family, Chris, and 2nd sis's bf (Yunitono).

Birthday Cake from Chris and Red Eggs from Mom...

(My cake slice ^^)


Flowers from Chris ^^ ---> 3 Pinky White Lilies and 6 Red Roses...with purple little flowers


Doraemon Handy Neck Strap from 2nd Sister


Birthday gifts from Big Sister (currently in Kuching) for us...

(for me: Doraemon Blanket)

(for 2nd Sister: Cute T-Shirt)

(for Daddy: Belt and Wallet)


Went to Exotic Borneo on my birthday...had dinner there...this is the special drink I tried for the first time...Betang Long House...WARNING: Very Sweet Drink =.="


A gift from Wei Shien and Ah Kueh that I had received earlier when I was in Kuching on 25 March 2010...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fish Ball & Bean Curd Tom Yam Soup from Mom

Xiao Zi & Xiao Qing

I got them from a doll picking game in Fun Station on 6 April 2010. Chris picked them for me with only around Rp. 5000 to get these 2 dolls (Rp. 1000/game). Xiao Qing took around Rp. 3000 to get, and Xiao Zi took around Rp. 2000 to get.

Left: Xiao Zi.

Right: Xiao Qing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The New Oreo

Blueberry Ice Cream Flavor Oreo...

Got to know this product from the local supermarket, Mitra Mart, in my hometown. The blueberry flavor is nice...but not so like the "ice" feeling in my mouth after eating it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday New House Party Menus - 11 April 2010

Had small n simple party on Sunday because our new house has been finished renovated.

These are the menus that are cooked by Mom...

(Turmeric Fried Chicken)

(Pork Ball and Pork Stomach Soup)

(Fried Prawn Cake)

(Pork Sate)

(Pork Leg)


The cakes that was baked by 3rd sister for new house party...

(Strawberry Cheese Brownies)

(Mocha Brownies)


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