Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cincai eat on Chinese New Year

~ Hekeng / Fried prawn cake ~

~ Fried egg LOL ~

~ Kacangma / Stewed chicken with rice wine and chinese motherwort herb ~

~ errr... Mix mix stir fry peas ~

~ Lumpia / Spring roll ~

~ Braised pork leg in soy sauce ~

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 - More Snacks

~ Cashew nut ~

~ Fish cracker ~

~ Acar / Pickles ~

~ Bakpou / Dried pork slice ~

~ Longan ~

~ Langsat / Lanzones~

Incorrect timing?

I'm waiting until I forgot that I'm actually waiting

Ayam Dadakan Take Away...Upset with the menu

OK.. this is my 2nd post about Ayam Dadakan... a new restaurant in my hometown. This time I didn't having the menus there. But instead... I prefer to take away. 

I admit that the first time visited this restaurant... I satisfied with the menus i ordered and especially the Dadar Jagung Goreng.. Here is the pic of my first visit. Or u can read my post My first visit to Ayam Dadakan. I really love the first Dadar Jagung Goreng so much... it really had a nice taste. 

Here, the next picture (below) is the Dadar Jagung Goreng I take away... as you can see... the texture of the Dadar Jagung Goreng is no longer the same as the pic above. And obviously... the SIZE... They are giving me this kind of Dadar Jagung Goreng. And about the taste... also has changed. Overall I said... totally not the same size and not the same taste... but with the same price.

Next is about Ayam Dadakan Goreng. The pic below is the first dish I ordered when my first visit. It was so complete, with the Emping cracker, Kemangi leaf (oops I had taken out the kemangi leaf to other plate), and Fried tomato chili sauce.

Then see the pic below again... This is the Ayam Dadakan goreng I take away. Don't you noticed? There is no Emping Cracker there. No longer the same chili sauce... And look at the chicken... Am I buying bones? @@

Okay..actually this is my second time packed home their chicken. My first time take away is Ayam Dadakan Bakar (the BBQ Ayam Dadakan). Honestly... The chicken was not 100% cooked (fully cooked)... erk @@. But I don't want to talk much about it since I forgot to take pictures from it.

I really I the only person who face this?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Natural Cures Not Medicine: Strawberry Face Mask for Acne
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Revlon scented cotton candy

Revlon scented cotton candy nail enamel :)
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Very Me Nail Graffiti has arrived

Ordered Very Me Nail Graffiti by Oriflame about 3 weeks ago and been waiting for it...finally It has arrived...

This is it.. The pink top coat which gives crack effect after the application as top coat.

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My first mobile posting

I'm trying blogger mobile posting for the first time...hope it goes well :)
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My New Nail Color

I bought 2 bottles of Revlon nail color today....One is Iced Spice (#130) and another one is Cotton Candy (#300). Iced Spice is for my mommy and Cotton Candy is for myself :D

The Cotton Candy is a scented perfume edition.... so when it is dried on our nail after the application, there will be some fragrances coming out... but what kind of fragrance is that? I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow night... because.... tomorrow night.. IS MY HOLIDAY YAHOOOO!!! It is Easter Holiday. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 - The Snacks

:: Dried Squid Head ::

:: Dried Squid Slice ::

:: Rempeyek Bayam ::

:: Kerupuk Papadam ::

:: Rempeyek Kacang Tanah ::

:: Another type of Dried Squid Slice ::

:: Kue Lapis Legit ::

:: Kue Lapis Surabaya ::

:: Sugar Toppings Cookies ::

:: Choco Chips Peanut Cookies ::

:: Pineapple Tart / Nastar ::

:: Kerupuk Emping Kecil ::

:: Cookies 1 - bought from Tupperware Chinese New Year 2013 Edition ::

:: Cookies 2 - bought from Tupperware Chinese New Year 2013 Edition ::

:: Candies ::

:: Chocolate Balls ::

:: Cornflakes Cookies ::

:: Lempok Durian ::

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My first visit to Ayam Dadakan

Ayam Dadakan, a new restaurant in my hometown located @ Jalan Putri Candramidi just next to Klinik Anggrek. Just opened not even a month. But everyday, every time I go to work and even when I off work, I saw LOTS of customer there and even the car park is also full. WHY? I was really curious. What is the menu served? How does the dish taste? Is it really GREAT TASTE? So.... I invited parents to go there today for a dinner... give it a try... give it a try....!

This is my table number, 34 and the menu we had ordered.

I took some pictures there...gonna keep it as my first visit memory...the environment @ Ayam Dadakan.

This is my avocado juice, my favorite with a bit of chocolate milk in it... yummmmmy...

~ Avocado Juice Rp 9.000,- ~

And a glass of milkie carrot juice for mommy.

~ Milkie Carrot Juice Rp 8.000,- ~

And the main courseeeee here....
#1 Paket Nasi Putih + Ayam Dadakan Goreng.  It served with damn HOT chili sauce.... @@.

~ #1 Paket Nasi Putih + Ayam Dadakan Goreng Rp 16.500,- ~

#2 Paket Nasi Putih + Ayam Penyet Bakar --- not burnt ayam penyet, but this means BBQ Ayam Penyet. Also same, served with damn HOT chili sauce. But this one I can say good... the BBQ chicken texture is kinda soft... ^_^

~ #2 Paket Nasi Putih + Ayam Penyet Bakar Rp 16.500,- ~

#3 Dadar Jagung Goreng -- Crispy Fried Corn Cracker? This one... I LOVE THIS SO MUCH... really good taste... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I want MOREEEEEE!

~ #3 Dadar Jagung Goreng Rp 10.000,- ~

#4 Tahu Goreng --- Fried Bean Curd. It looks oily in my picture, but the fact... it is not. This is also my other favorite food.... Bean curd will always be my favorite food.... but not 臭豆腐 (Stinky Bean curd).

~ #4 Tahu Goreng Rp 6.000,- ~

Okay... lets get a closer look of the menu....

~ Closer look 1 ~

~ Closer look 2 ~

~ Closer look 3 ~

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