Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Year Experience (Written by: Chr)

The first morning in Indonesia, i went to Ayani Megamall by car which is driven by My gf Sister!!! It's weird because i never seen her driving a car before. Wahahaha. But luckily we reached there safe and sound. :P Here i stand in the center of the building and took this picture by my gf who is so excited to keep on snapping on me. Looks Cool yet feel weird about it. hhahah.

Another picture of the day, this is the food court of the Megamall. As you can see, there is escalator behind me. I had my first breakfast at this mall with Soto Daging and Somai Bandung(Which we called "Sio Bi" in Hokkien) The soto daging is sort of like Curry beef but hmm...... anyway it's still curry. Somai Bandung is like mix sio bi with tofu, steam egg, some vege and potato with peanut sauce. Quite full after having these food because it's quite early for me to have such heavy breakfast. We head of to shopping after this.

OK. What we have here?? I'm the King of Lions(AS IF) I think the name of this lion is Azlan. Which you would hear in the movie named "The Chronicles of Narnia". Wahahahha This is the play ground of the Megamall named Amazon. Seems funny taking picture here but it's cool because i can touch a lion!!

Ah HA! Caught going to the toilet by my gf. This is the first time entering the public toilet in Indonesia. Clean and nice, and the name is "Toilet Pria".I still wonder am i in the right restroom.

Because the picture shown on the door is totally different from the one i see in Malaysia. But i think i'm right because i see something not belong to the women's toilet.

OK. It's LUNCH TIME!! WOO HOO!! RED BEAN! Sounds like having some icy drink. But this is a restaurant. Quite comfy but not much people. We had 3 dishes and 1 soup. If you ever be here, you should try the drinks. It's a Huge Drink which you would sit there for couple of hour to finish it. You know what? I taste the most weird Butter chicken which looks like soy sauce chicken. I did not have the chance to know the price of the stuff because it was not paid by me. One day i'm gonna find out when i go there again. Make sure i can get the receipt after the payment . Haha

This is the evidents of me in Indonesia during New year. As you can see, the girl in black shirt is my lovely gf! The clothes she is wearing is so perfect on her because we went to shop it together in Hock Lee Centre in Kuching. This picture is taken by her sister.

Oh Great, everytime i see this picture it makes me hungry. Anyone who been to Indonesia should come to this place "Pondok Grafitasi". It got the Most Delicious Crab EVER!! It's a nice Dining place which you would have your own Gazebo on the river. I remember we had our dinner at one the Gazebo named "Cumi-cumi" meaning Squid. I can't describe how tasty is the crab. Wanna find out? Go try it yourself.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hot and Spicy Chicken Rice

This is Hot and Spicy Chicken Rice from my boyfriend....hehe...with love-shape fried egg on it....(but it is really hhhhhooooooottttttt and sssspppppiiiicccccyyyyyy......) =.="

Monday, April 14, 2008

Doraemon Ending Movie

Part 1

Link: Doraemon Ending Pt. 1

Part 2

Link: Doraemon Ending Pt. 2

Part 3

Link: Doraemon Ending Pt. 3

This Doraemon ending movie is very touching, really a sad story. I cried when i watched it. Huhuhu.... :(, but i like the ending part so much....finally Doraemon is back, get together with Nobita's family again....Yeah....The best story i ever watched....No more sayonara.... :D

Doraemon Ending Story??? (Reading)

As you know, Doraemon is a story with no ending, but this small story is about the "last episode" of the famous cartoon. Someone made this story and uploaded it to his homepage, and it is now widely spread all around Japan through the internet. Here it goes; One day,a very normal day, Nobita came back from school and went upstairs of his house. Doraemon was there sleeping, just like the other normal day.

"Hey, Doraemon, please wake up, lets play! " but Doraemon does not wake up. Nobita thought that Doraemon is tired, so he went out to play with Shizuka-chan and other folks. After few hours, he returned to his home, but Doraemon was still sleeping. Nobita felt something strange, and tried to wake him up. But there was no reply. He became to feel afraid, and tried to wake him up, but whatever he does, Doraemon did not wake up. Nobita exactly knew that something was different. This never happened before. He began crying, but though he screamed or cried, the famous fat-cat-robot did not make a single move at all. He came up to one idea, and jumped into his desk the time machine-and went to the future to meet Dorami-chan, Doraemon's sister. He begged her for help, and forced her to go with him back to 1998.After a short trip again back to 1998 by the time machine, Dorami-chan looked all over his brother Doraemon to see what was wrong with him.After few minutes, she said "the battery is out"Nobita was relieved, and said, "battery? so he is not broken right? please replace or recharge his battery, and put him back like before"But Dorami-chan shook her head and said, "Nobita-san, should I really do that?" Nobita said "what? what do you mean?" Dorami-chan replied; "His main battery is here, close to his pocket. And it ran out. But originally, he had a back-up battery in his ears, but as you know, his ears were eaten by a rat very many years ago, so he does not have a back-up battery now"

"so what do you mean?"

"I mean, if I replace his battery, every memory of you will be eternally lost from his brain program"


"Shall I do that?" Nobita closed his eyes. He cried, but after few minutes, he stopped crying, and quietly told Dorami-chan; "Dorami-chan, thanks for coming here. I will take care of the rest. You have to go back to your future time now" Dorami-chan could not decide what to do, but anyway she hugged Nobiya quietly, and she went back home. After she went back,Nobita carried Doraemon and placed him into the shelf..........

TIME FLIES..........

Year 2010, Nobita grew up. Since that day, he changed.He studied hard, did not cry anymore, and he lived without Doraemon.He told Shizuka and other folks that Doraemon had to go back to his future, and could not meet him anymore. Shizuka was impressed to Nobita's mysterious appearance which became completely different from 10years ago. They fell in love, and married. Nobita became a scientist. He made a laboratory in his room, and was studying hard with his job all day.He told Shizuka not to come into the room, as it is very dangerous inside. But one day, he called Shizuka and told her to come in to his room. It was the first time for her to enter his husband's room.

The moment she went in, she lost her words ......There was her friend Doraemon, who she used to play in her childhood days. Doraemon was not moving. It seemed as he was sleeping."Look, Shizuka, I will plug in from now" Nobita turned on the main switch on Doraemon. Doraemon quietly, very quietly started to open his eyes. It was the moment the inventor of Doraemon became clear. It was Nobita. He studied hard and hard just to meet and talk with his old friend again. Going back and forth of time, Nobita was the one who made Doraemon. He discovered all the programs and archytecture of Doraemon-type-robot. Nobita and Shizuka was crying gently. Doraemon opened his eyes. He looked around, and finally said, "Nobita-kun, did you finish your homework?" There was the same white clouds in the sky like the times they used to spend together.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Diploma Graduation

After two years and four months of studying, finally i get my Diploma (DCS - Diploma in Computer Studies).

The Graduation Ceremony is celebrated in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (24 November 2007, 9am).

(My 2nd sister, I, Elder sister, 3rd sister)

(Mardi, Wei Shien, I, Fona)

This flower is from my sisters, as a graduation gift.....hehe...

3rd Birthday in Kuching

This is my 3rd birthday celebrated in Kuching. I have sushi for my birthday dinner :) Well, I love it.

The picture is my birthday cake. It's raspberry cheesecake....eemmm..yummy, nice combination between sweet raspberry and salty cheese....and as the cake topping, there are 2 Doraemon on it....hehehehe....this is my first cake with Doraemon.

And this cake.....the pink color from my hostel friends....also topped with Doraemon's a chocolate cake....i like the strawberry taste....:)

These 2 piggies (monokuro boo) are coin banks, birthday gift from my friends (ah kueh and wei shien).

And this one, below, is from my hostel friends. Thanks for the gift friends......i like it a lot.....

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