Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Bak Chang Day

Happy Bak Chang Day
:: on the 5th day of the 5th month in lunar calendar ::


Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Daddy's Day

 :: Fruity Rainbow Cake from Ligo Mitra - Rp 120.000/- ::


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

First Visit to D'Bamboo

First time visiting D'Bamboo, a shop selling dim sum and blended ice. Before entering a shop....I'm sure all of us will make a little expectation from the shop we are about to visit. Like for D'Bamboo..I thought I could find so many types of dim sum, I thought I can try so many kinds of blended ice. All those are just MY IMAGINATION....well we managed to order all kinds of the available blended ice (even just 3 flavors)

:: left to right: Chocolate Special - Es Nona - Blended Milo ::

:: Rp 13.500 - A bit really has not much topping, but only jelly, chocolate-coated biscuit ball, chocolate roll, strawberry jam, and milk ::

:: Rp 8.000 - This one I can say...NICE...better than those two...It has more fillings....I forgot how many types, but of course still contains jelly and red beans.. ::

:: Rp 9.500 - The blended ice is made from milo..and it tastes better than Chocolate special's ice. But this TOTALLY PLAIN...NO FILLINGS INSIDE..what the hell @@ ::

We also managed to order 2 out of 3 dim sum menus available, Ayam Jamur (mushroom+chicken), Ayam Udang (prawn+chicken), and Ayam Kepiting (crab+chicken). Because they didn't make Ayam Kepiting dim sum on the day we were we ordered only Ayam Jamur and Ayam Udang.

:: Ayam Udang (orange color) - Rp 1.200/pc ::
:: Ayam Jamur (grey color) - Rp 1.100/pc :: one we ordered so many of 50 pcs. Price Rp 700/pc.

:: Yam Chai-Kueh ::

:: Ku Chai Chai-Kueh ~~ Ku Chai = Garlic Chives::

:: Bengkoang Chai-Kueh ~~ Bengkoang = jicama / yam bean ::

Thursday, June 14, 2012


HOHOHOHO...I was so happy today...I wish I could try Rainbow Cake by today and it came TRUE....Rainbow Cake is in front of me for me to enjoy...

I been looking for this cake for quite a while...but then it was only on the net and no local cake shop is selling it for that moment. But finally...few days ago I noticed...Do & Mi (a cake shop in my hometown) is starting to promote this cake. I wanna buy but that day I was a bit busy so didn't really remember about it. Just yesterday my sister mailed me this cake and offering me...she was about to make order from Semarang, Indonesia for this cake...FOR ME.... But because don't wanna trouble her, I decided to get it my self at Do & Mi cake shop. and I GOT IT....

 :: Rainbow Cake Slice - Rp 15.000/slice ::

Here below..another cake which is in trend now..Red Velvet cake..and definitely..I won't miss the chance for getting it since I already at the cake shop...

It looks pretty and bright...and of course...DELICIOUS

 :: Red Velvet slice - Rp 35.000/slice ::

Another cake..Black Forest childhood favorite....When looking at it...mind seems flash back to my childhood without think much...I pick one for this...

:: Black Forest slice - Rp 8.500/slice ::

But between Rainbow cake and Red Velvet cake...I think Rainbow cake tastes better than Red Velvet....well..Red Velvet is kinda dry. 
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