Friday, June 15, 2012

First Visit to D'Bamboo

First time visiting D'Bamboo, a shop selling dim sum and blended ice. Before entering a shop....I'm sure all of us will make a little expectation from the shop we are about to visit. Like for D'Bamboo..I thought I could find so many types of dim sum, I thought I can try so many kinds of blended ice. All those are just MY IMAGINATION....well we managed to order all kinds of the available blended ice (even just 3 flavors)

:: left to right: Chocolate Special - Es Nona - Blended Milo ::

:: Rp 13.500 - A bit really has not much topping, but only jelly, chocolate-coated biscuit ball, chocolate roll, strawberry jam, and milk ::

:: Rp 8.000 - This one I can say...NICE...better than those two...It has more fillings....I forgot how many types, but of course still contains jelly and red beans.. ::

:: Rp 9.500 - The blended ice is made from milo..and it tastes better than Chocolate special's ice. But this TOTALLY PLAIN...NO FILLINGS INSIDE..what the hell @@ ::

We also managed to order 2 out of 3 dim sum menus available, Ayam Jamur (mushroom+chicken), Ayam Udang (prawn+chicken), and Ayam Kepiting (crab+chicken). Because they didn't make Ayam Kepiting dim sum on the day we were we ordered only Ayam Jamur and Ayam Udang.

:: Ayam Udang (orange color) - Rp 1.200/pc ::
:: Ayam Jamur (grey color) - Rp 1.100/pc :: one we ordered so many of 50 pcs. Price Rp 700/pc.

:: Yam Chai-Kueh ::

:: Ku Chai Chai-Kueh ~~ Ku Chai = Garlic Chives::

:: Bengkoang Chai-Kueh ~~ Bengkoang = jicama / yam bean ::

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