Thursday, April 10, 2008

3rd Birthday in Kuching

This is my 3rd birthday celebrated in Kuching. I have sushi for my birthday dinner :) Well, I love it.

The picture is my birthday cake. It's raspberry cheesecake....eemmm..yummy, nice combination between sweet raspberry and salty cheese....and as the cake topping, there are 2 Doraemon on it....hehehehe....this is my first cake with Doraemon.

And this cake.....the pink color from my hostel friends....also topped with Doraemon's a chocolate cake....i like the strawberry taste....:)

These 2 piggies (monokuro boo) are coin banks, birthday gift from my friends (ah kueh and wei shien).

And this one, below, is from my hostel friends. Thanks for the gift friends......i like it a lot.....

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