Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ayam Dadakan Take Away...Upset with the menu

OK.. this is my 2nd post about Ayam Dadakan... a new restaurant in my hometown. This time I didn't having the menus there. But instead... I prefer to take away. 

I admit that the first time visited this restaurant... I satisfied with the menus i ordered and especially the Dadar Jagung Goreng.. Here is the pic of my first visit. Or u can read my post My first visit to Ayam Dadakan. I really love the first Dadar Jagung Goreng so much... it really had a nice taste. 

Here, the next picture (below) is the Dadar Jagung Goreng I take away... as you can see... the texture of the Dadar Jagung Goreng is no longer the same as the pic above. And obviously... the SIZE... They are giving me this kind of Dadar Jagung Goreng. And about the taste... also has changed. Overall I said... totally not the same size and not the same taste... but with the same price.

Next is about Ayam Dadakan Goreng. The pic below is the first dish I ordered when my first visit. It was so complete, with the Emping cracker, Kemangi leaf (oops I had taken out the kemangi leaf to other plate), and Fried tomato chili sauce.

Then see the pic below again... This is the Ayam Dadakan goreng I take away. Don't you noticed? There is no Emping Cracker there. No longer the same chili sauce... And look at the chicken... Am I buying bones? @@

Okay..actually this is my second time packed home their chicken. My first time take away is Ayam Dadakan Bakar (the BBQ Ayam Dadakan). Honestly... The chicken was not 100% cooked (fully cooked)... erk @@. But I don't want to talk much about it since I forgot to take pictures from it.

I really I the only person who face this?

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