Friday, May 21, 2010

My Birthday 2010 - 4 April 2010

Simple birthday celebration with family, Chris, and 2nd sis's bf (Yunitono).

Birthday Cake from Chris and Red Eggs from Mom...

(My cake slice ^^)


Flowers from Chris ^^ ---> 3 Pinky White Lilies and 6 Red Roses...with purple little flowers


Doraemon Handy Neck Strap from 2nd Sister


Birthday gifts from Big Sister (currently in Kuching) for us...

(for me: Doraemon Blanket)

(for 2nd Sister: Cute T-Shirt)

(for Daddy: Belt and Wallet)


Went to Exotic Borneo on my birthday...had dinner there...this is the special drink I tried for the first time...Betang Long House...WARNING: Very Sweet Drink =.="


A gift from Wei Shien and Ah Kueh that I had received earlier when I was in Kuching on 25 March 2010...

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