Wednesday, May 14, 2008


"Big Apple - Donuts and Coffee" already opened few months in Kuching, but never bought the donuts before because didn't feel like it. And today, my boyfriend buy it for me. tastes good, not bad.....but the donut's bread is not so solid. So, 4 stars for it (max: 5 stars).

The picture below shows the donuts he has chosen for me. The one with green topping is Green Teaser. Then for the bottom part (left to right) is Whitnut, Mango Tango, Ice Berg. I don't know the name for the two with jam topped in the centre, but i know one is topped with strawberry jam and another is topped with blueberry jam.

The filling for the Whitnut is peanut jam, a bit salty, but still sweet. And filling for the Ice Berg is only cream/icing....errmmm...something like that. :)

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