Friday, January 23, 2009 more assignments

Finally, i finished up all my assignments for this semester just now. I have no assignments already. But final exam for this semester is coming soon, on 10 and 11 Feb 2009. But of course....enjoy the Chinese New Year first, for a few days, until around the 4th day of New Year....then do final exam preparation. This is my third semester at USQ (University of Southern Queensland), and also my 2nd last semester at USQ. So i wish i can pass this semester with no problem as what i had done in the last 2 semesters before.
My CIS3009 (E-commerce) is an open exam, meaning that students can bring notes into the exam room while doing the exam. But it is too scary for me because i have "bad" experience with CIS3008 open exam in my last semester. The CIS3008 (IT Service Management) exam was really really hard for me. When i saw the part B essay...10 questions in one question i can answered with confident. So all i wish for this semester is the CIS3009 open exam is not like CIS3008 open exam. =.=".
It's almost chinese new year already. Yeah yeah...ang pao ang pao...go back to hometown this saturday (24 January 2009) and finally i can meet my grandma, mommy, daddy, other relatives, my fish (Ah Leng), and of course my dogs (Poppy, Popo, Lucky). tired and sleepy now...but before sleep....Counter Strike for two rounds first.........Happy Chinese New Year again......

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