Friday, December 18, 2009

15 December 2009 - Part 1

Had Kue Bingka for our breakfast on this day. For my own opinion, this cake is too sweet, but taste nice.

Relatives come from Batam (Batam is a small island in Indonesia, located just nearby Singapore, around 1 hour travel by sea). They intend to go to the Ayani Mega Mall to shop.....OMG...this mega mall boringggggggggggggg, but no choice.

They decide to have lunch before start shopping. Lets look at the menu we ordered....

(Chicken Fried Kueh Tiaw)

(Sambal / Chili Sauce)

(Bakso Jumbo - the Bakso is actually the beef meatball)

(Stir fry kangkung --> kangkung = Ipomoea aquatica?)

(Mix Veggie in soup serving)

(Stir fry mix vege)

(Fried Squid)

(Empek empek served with the mixture of soya sauce+vinegar+cucumber)

(Es Rumput Laut)

(Es Kopyor)

(Es Jaya Ria)

Time to home, on the way back....suddenly feel wanna get some ice cream from the ice cream stall located just opposite of my secondary school.

(Kelepon Kentang - made from potato with brown sugar as the filling)

(Kue Sus)

(Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate)

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