Thursday, December 24, 2009

16 December 2009

A picture of my hamster, Bum Bum, taken on this day...

Went out for some window shopping, my friend noticed that there is a menu he has not tried before, it is Soto Babat.

Around 4.30pm, uncle invited me, sister, and my friend to go to Pondok Ale Ale, a new restaurant in my hometown that I never go before.

Lets look at the menu we ordered...

Ale Ale - mussel, cooked in spicy curry sauce.

Ayam Kayong + Rice + Lalapan - lalapan is the fresh vegetables as the accesories of this menu. The Ayam Kayong itself is topped with very hot and spicy sauce.

Sayur Asam and Corn Soup - these are also the add on for the Ayam Kayong menu, we can choose the Ayam Kayong, either to come with Sayur Asam or Corn Soup. The price for each set Ayam Kayong + Rice + Lalapan + Sayur Asam/Corn Soup is Rp18000.

Fried Tofu with bbq sauce.

French Fries with tomato/chili sauce.

Watermelon + milk.

Es Jeruk Kecil - Lime Juice.

Es Jeruk Besar - Orange Juice.

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