Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Trip - 2nd Day (21 March 2010) - Part 1

Part 1 - Graduation Ceremony @ Nikko Hotel

Tuesday, 21 March 2010, is a big day for me, a big moment for me, which only happen once in a life time...my Graduation Ceremony. On this day, I am finally graduated from my degree. Happy? Of course, I am so damn happy.

Wake up early at around 7am (KL's time), did some preparation for my big day ^^ and had breakfast in hotel. Took taxi at around 9am to Nikko Hotel, the hotel where the Graduation Ceremony will be held...kind of nervous, but still happy haha. Taxi charge from Bintang Warisan Hotel to Nikko Hotel is RM15. It took around 10 minutes to arrive Nikko Hotel as there is no traffic jam in the morning.

Hohoho reached Nikko Hotel...going up the Grand Ballroom at 2nd floor of the hotel.

Did the registration procedure, and I got seat number C13 =.=". I remember last time in my diploma graduation ceremony, I got seat number A13. sweat......Nevermind....it's still mine anyway.

Went to take my gown with deposit amount of RM300. Wearing wearing wearing....


Oops...SURPRISE...!!! Roses with Little Brownie Teddy Bear in graduation gown ^^...Hohoho I love it!!!

Who gave me this flower?

(Chris gave me flowers again...Thanks a lot....I like roses & teddy ^^)

Finally the Graduation Ceremony started at 9.30am. Listening to the speech from an ex-USQ student, the dean, and a graduated student. It didn't take too long time for the ceremony cause there were just around 40++ students graduated.

It finished at around 10.30am. Went to take some photos with Love and Lace studio, took the RM300 package (5" x 11" with frame --> 2 photos) with add on RM25 for 5R-sized photo. Photos shipping charge is RM50 to East Malaysia (Kuching).

Hi-tea time....didn't take any photos of the menu served....as I was too busy Eating....hungry already :D hehe. Errm what I had that day: coffee cake, butter cake, honeydew soup, ham sandwich, honeydew slices, fruit tart, ......forgot already

At around 11.45am, went back to Bintang Warisan. Took executive taxi from Nikko Hotel to Bintang Warisan. Yes, it is an EXECUTIVE taxi, but it is cheaper XD hehe only RM12.

Reached hotel.....took bath.....then took one more pic of my flower :D

1pm ------> went out for shopping again :D. 2nd day's plan: Pavilion and Berjaya Times Square

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