Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Trip - 5th Day (24 March 2010)

The last day in Kuala Lumpur....had breakfast in the hotel...had a walk in the area around hotel...then went to LCCT airport with taxi for RM70.

Sitting at Marrybrown @ LCCT airport while waiting for the boarding...........


Bought 4 packs of Liquorice Nutmeg @ LCCT Emporium - RM6.90/pack. First time know this product from Penang trip on December a pack of it that time....n it tastes good....but I can't find it in my hometown & also has been around 5 years ++....n finally found it in LCCT Emporium ^^ so happy...


On the plane and taking some pictures ^^


Reached kuching n directly go for dinner with sister, brother in law, and their cutie baby girl ^^

(errrr..what is this? 4 types of veggie cooked together....I really forgot the name. It has a very COOL name..but what?)

(this one is Buttered Prawn? I know it was cooked with some oat)

(Everybody knows that this is Fried Fish ^^)

(The menu that I LOVE THE MOST --> Boneless Lemon-Chicken)

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