Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lucky got fainted?

Saturday, 10 December 2011, around 8.30AM I bathed my dog, Lucky. He was so excited and enjoyed the bathing session. It happened the same to me, I was very excited too for bathing him. At first, I took lil bit of water n poured onto his body. This to ensure him to adapt to the water temperature at that time. OK, bath session was started after it.

When I used the first body shampoo, he was really enjoying it. Done this and been rinsed off. Next was the second body shampoo to ensure that his fur is TOTALLY CLEAN. At this time, he was a bit shivering and for me....this was normal since dog will felt a bit cold when bathing. So fine...I just bathed him like normally.

Third shampoo session to smoothen his fur after bath. He was getting colder. So I tried to rinsed off the shampoo asap. Just by the time when I done it....he fell down and made sound like he is crying. Wondering...Did he get fainted? This really made me worry. I shouted for my 2nd sis to get her help asap. Phew...but then when 2nd sis reached us, Lucky was fine n back to normal again ><. Freaking me out....

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