Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice 2011 and Mother's Day 2011

It's 22 December 2011 today and 11 月 28 日 2562 in Lunar Calendar (the 11th month, 28th day in the year of 2562 in Lunar Calendar). Today we are having 汤圆 (Tang Yuan) as a celebration of 冬至节 (Dong Zhi Jie / Winter Solstice Festival). Tang Yuan is a type of Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water and then been rounded, just like a small balls, and cooked in sweet soup.

This is as celebration for the arrival of winter season. But because we are residing in Indonesia, a country with NO WINTER season, so we just celebrate it for a reason....because we are Chinese ^^. Well, this is a Chinese culture.

In my family, we love to make Tang Yuan with only 2 colors, red and white. All main family members gather (daddy, mommy, me, and sister) to have this Tang Yuan with red-dyed boiled-eggs. The round-shaped of Tang Yuan  and boiled-eggs represent the gathering of main family members.

Despite of celebrating Winter Solstice Festival, today is also another special day for us, who reside in Indonesia, Happy Mother's Day. Mother's Day falls on 22 December every year in Indonesia. But after realizing a fact that there's no Father's Day for us, so me and sisters decide to change Mother's Day to Parent's Day, a day for our Daddy and Mommy.

What's our plan today? We plan to bring Daddy and Mommy for a dinner at Sari Bento. Now is still 2.00PM (my time now, in Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia). I really can't wait for the dinner. DINNNERRR yummy yummy.



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