Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sabah :: 20 August 2012 :: Menara Tun Mustapha, 1 Borneo, & Cititel Express Hotel @ Kota Kinabalu

At around 12.30pm we reached a temple...Buddhist temple, but I didn't know the temple's name since I'm Chinese illiterate. So here are some pics taken from the temple...

After visiting the destination is Menara Tun Mustapha. Tour guide told us that this tower is the highest tower in BORNEO.... 32 storey in total. And I heard...this tower can that true?

:: Menara Tun Mustapha ::

From 1pm - 3pm.. we are visiting 1 Borneo....the biggest shopping mall in KK?

2 hours in 1 Borneo but actually was only 1 hour =.=". Chun Yan was busying with the token car. She was playing it for about an hour XD.

Below....the Phoenix and Dragon statue are the welcome statue in 1 Borneo....the one placed at nearby the main entrance....just when you walk-in to 1 will direct notice these 2 statues there.

:: Phoenix statue ::

:: Dragon statue ::

Another decoration in the mall...golden year.... This year 2012 is dragon year anyway :D

Here in 1 Borneo... the first shop I visited was Daiso. Daiso is a shop selling all products from Japan with price all in RM5. Here I bought 3 pairs of socks :D

Around 3.30pm we reached Cititel Express Hotel Kota Kinabalu. The room is sooooo small =.=" but VERY CLEAN. Here is my room ....

:: Bed ::

:: TV - just in front of the bed ::

:: Wardrobe - on the bed side ::

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