Monday, September 10, 2012

Sabah :: 21 August 2012 :: Sapi Island

After having breakfast at Cititel Express Hotel, we were heading to Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal @ Kota Kinabalu at 9am for our 2nd day trip... SAPI ISLAND

Here are some photos I took from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal.

The ferry ticket counter seems all belong to tours & travel company.

:: Indoor - the picture above the ticketing counter ::

Outdoor look ... 

:: bye bye Jesselton Point... We are heading to Sapi Island now ::

@ SAPI ISLAND (10am)

Sapi Island is not a big island. It has no hotel or any other place to overnight. And can be said, at 5pm, this island is closed, so no more visitors after 5pm.

We played here for around 3 hours from 10am to 1pm.

:: the sand we step @ Sapi Island ::

@12.00 - Lunch time. We are queuing to get our food.... almost look like queuing food from jail @@ cz everything is mixed together and put inside one plate. They have "Beef Rendang" but I didn't take it because I don't like beef :D. There are so many menus.. I can only remember some of it. I forgot what is below the fried fish.

:: Coleslaw, Fried fish, Fried chicken wing, Fried soft-shell crab, Stir fry squid, Mashed potato, Chicken Satay, Fried tom-yam rice,  Fried prawn, Fried vermicelli ::

Here are the desserts for us, Mung Bean Soup, Cookies, Nyonya traditional cake, Watermelon, Papaya, and Corn Custard.

The mung bean soup is cooked with purple tapioca pearls. It is sweet and thick.

:: Mung bean soup cooked with tapioca pearls ::

:: Cookies and Nyonya traditional cake ::

Nyonya traditional cake is made from glutinous rice with variety of filling inside. But here, we got Sugar Peanut filling. It is sticky and oily :D... but nice taste.

:: Sugar peanut filling ::

:: Corn custard, Papaya, Watermelon ::

~ Waiting for ferry to back to Jesselton Point @ Kota Kinabalu ~

Do you see how blue and how clear is the water?

:: below the bridge ::

:: oh my.... so many fishes ::

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