Friday, December 7, 2012

Sabah :: 22 August 2012 :: The Cottage Hotel @ Kundasang

5.40am wake up time..... The first thing I do was taking some pictures of the morning scenery from my room's window. I love the fresh morning air.... the breeze.... It was really great over there....... Looking down the hill and enjoying the green vegetables' farm. All I can say is.... IT WAS SO SO SO GREAT.

Done taking pictures.....then get ready for the breakfast @ Cottage Hotel.... I was having Fried Rice Noodle (Char Kueh Tiaw), some Baked Beans and Sausages, and 2 pcs of steamed egg. I called it as steamed egg because I don't see any "fried mark" on the egg XD.

6 slices of plain bread... kinda thick yeah...

Such a "cheap" 100+ drink.... RM3 per can + gov. tax + service charge = RM3.50 per can. @@

OK.... breakfast is done and energy is fully charged..... now we are on the way to Ranau. Half way to Ranau...there is local market selling some local fruits, veggies, and some plants too.

I saw these bottles and I was wondering what's this actually. The seller told me that this is HONEY, white honey, light brown honey, and dark brown honey. I totally got no idea about the difference between them. I only saw one type of color before, the Light brown honey.

And the pic below.... this is their LOCAL APPLES. It was my first time knowing and seeing this kind of fruit. Almost the same shape with pumpkin.

Another type of fruit, LOCAL AVOCADO, which is also my first time knowing and seeing this fruit.

Hardly can describe the taste of local apple by words. What I know... it is a bit sweet, kinda soft, smells like soursop. Good taste.

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