Friday, April 9, 2010

Food Food Food During Chinese New Year 2010

Dinner @ Fresh Resto again @ Jalan Arteri Supadio...

(Sapo Tahu Seafood/Sapo Bean Curd with Seafood - actually, sapo cooking style must be served in claypot, but they served it using it does not look like sapo bean curd, but hotplate bean curd)

(Sotong Goreng Tepung/Fried Squid)

(Ayam Goreng/Fried Chicken)

(Sup Jagung Kepiting/Corn and Crab Soup)

(Cap Chai Seafood/Mixed Vege with Seafood)

(Ikan ..... Panggang/BBQ Fish - but i don't what kind of fish is this)

(Salad Buah/Fruit Salad)


Snack time @ Empek-empek stall @ Jalan GajahMada, 168 Empek Empek...

(Otak Otak - grilled fish cake in banana leaf wrapping, it is made from Spanish mackerel called Tenggiri)

(Top: Empek Empek Kapal Selam - fried fish cake, also made from Tenggiri fish, with chicken egg wrapped in empek dough)
(Bottom: Empek Empek Kulit - other varieties of empek empek, it is thin and crispy)

(Left: Sweet and sour sauce for empek empek)
(Right: Peanut sauce for otak otak)

(Es Cendol Agar - mixture of cendol, agar agar/jelly, coconut milk, brown sugar, and ice)


Chinese New Year food bazaar in Pontianak, Indonesia...

(Chinese New Year Golden Cake)

(Seafood Char Kueh Tiaw/Seafood Fried Kueh Tiaw)


Had Nasi Goreng Seafood/Seafood Fried Rice as my lunch, ordered this fried rice from Mega Mall's food court, it has good taste, just that a bit too salty ^^.


Eldest sister was going back to hometown for Chinese New Year celebration with his hubby and daughter, Chun Yan. At the night before they were going back, we had our family gathering dinner at Pondok Grafitasi. Here are the dishes we ordered...

(Lemper - grilled glutinous rice, with dried small prawn stuffed inside)
(Bottom right: Sambal/chili sauce for Lemper)

(Sate Kepah - mussels in bamboo stick with sweet peanut sauce topping)

(Cah Sotong Cabe Hijau/Stir Fry Squid with Green Chili)

(Kangkung Cah Tauco - stir fry water spinach with salty soy beans and a bit of red chili)

(Tahu Goreng/Fried Bean Curd)

(Kepiting Asam Manis/Sweet & Sour Crab)

(Bakso/Beef Ball)

(Es Teler - jelly, coconut slices, apple, pear, jack fruit, and longan in coconut milk)

(Es Lidah Buaya - aloe vera in syrup + ice)

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