Friday, April 9, 2010

Kuching Trip on January 2010

Secret Recipe cake...

(Blueberry cheesecake RM6.50/slice + 5% gov tax)

(Black Forest RM6.50/slice + 5% gov tax)


KFC promotional item for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day 2010, Heart-shaped Porcelain Container, for RM8.00 each with any chicken products purchased. There are 4 different patterns of containers. I bought 4 containers, but only get 3 patterns of them.


Food court located in Jalan Song, just opposite of Taman Sahabat.

(Chicken Maryland)

(Chicken Chop in Black pepper Sauce)

(Top - red colour: Taiwan Sausage ;
Bottom - grey colour: Langgonisa --> Philippines sausage


Xiang Xiang Corner @ 3rd mile...

(Cha Kueh or Fried Rice Cakes - RM3.00)

(Sarawak Laksa - RM3.50)


Kenyalang Park...

(Cup Bon)

(Kiwi Rolling Ice - RM3.50 + Magic Jelly RM1)

(Peppermint Rolling Ice - RM3.5 + Magic Jelly RM1)

(Doraemon UNO card from Kenyalang bazaar - RM5.00 each)

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