Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today's date 12 December 2012, which people make it short as 12-12-12. Today has a very nice date combination. Even better if my fish Purpy is here now.

Last night, I browsed the internet and read some articles about Betta fish. One statement says that if betta fish makes bubbles, that means they are happy, happy with the environment and with the owner. This reminds me about Purpy who made a lot of bubbles when he got his new tank with me. That time I never knew that when a betta fish makes bubbles implies that they are happy. Now I know this and this really makes me regret. I am regret to know this too late for him. But another side in me, I am glad that Purpy ever be happy with me. "Thanks for the bubbles, Purpy". I still miss him so much. His empty tank struck my heart, feel so empty just like the tank. I still don't know what to do with the empty tank until this minute.

Now left 4 other betta fishes, Purpy's friend. I should care them even better. Trying to make them live even happier with me. Love my fishes.... *kiss*

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